5 Terrible Health Mistakes that students make

Good Grades, Social life, Participation, enjoyment, dreams and ambitions – things we keep on juggling in college. Often in our pursuits of become the best and unique, our health gets neglected. We stay up till late; we skip meals, eat whatever is easily available, NEVER EXERCISE and keep on doing these until some illness catches us and reminds us of the terrible things we’ve been doing to ourselves.


Okay! I see that you are young, wild and free. BUT does that mean you are always going to? Besides this, it is totally possible to maintain healthy habits in college that go with you for your life and beyond. Taking care of our body not only improves our health but also makes us more confident and confidence is an ingredient that tastes well with anything, especially when you’ve got a life to build.

Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live in.


So now, let’s go over the terrible things you’ve been doing:

1. Improper Sleep

You watched that episode up till late yesterday night… didn’t you? Or were you on the phone with the man of your dreams? If you weren’t doing this, I bet you were doing something productive. Now even if you were doing something that you think will contribute towards making you a billionaire or the next Justin Bieber, it was wrong. You will not go a long way like this. Over and over it has been told to us that proper sleep is important. Sleep deprivation not only decreases concentration but also makes us more prone to accidents, makes us look ugly, increases chances of depression and makes us DUMB. Why don’t you get this? OH, you must be sleeping less.

2. Poor eating habits

Poor eating habits are skipping breakfast, eating Junk food, excessive drinking of Cola and other things. In the bustle of our college life full of pressures we go with the flow and it is quite common to not care about what goes inside our mouth. But monitoring your eating habits does a great deal in ensuring our overall performance in college. The tips are not new – Eat fruits, drink liquids, don’t skip meals (especially during the time of exams) and try to eat less fast food.

3. No Exercise

There are three kinds of people in the world- fitness freaks, one who call themselves fitness freaks and just freaks. For the first, gym is life, for the second gym is a good place to click pictures and for the third a place called gym doesn’t exist. You know where you fit. A little exercise from as simple as jogging everyday to spending an hour at the gym helps us to be active and alert all during the day and also ensures longevity of good health. We can concentrate better, focus better and feel better about ourselves. If you are a career oriented ambitious person life would be already overwhelming for you, but you should not work at the cost of your health.


4. Addictions

In the realm of college where the number of Hakuna Matata’s is far more than the folks who think a little, it is very easy to get addicted to things that may cause a problem somewhere in our lives. (Trust me, even if it doesn’t seem now). A smart person is not one who tries to build an aversion from these; he is one who knows how to manage himself properly. People may say that you only live once, but its better that you die if you are living to ruin your life and upset people who care about you. Learn to say NO. But don’t shy away from popping a beer if you are celebrating.

5. Building Stress

We go through a lot of changes during the part of our lives that we spent in college. The pressure and drive of young life make us quite vulnerable to stress. But don’t let stress get the best of you. Make a lot of friends to talk to and discuss your life with. Don’t follow your time routine when you don’t feel like it, watch more episodes on Saturday nights and keep on doing crazy things with your friends every now and then. Ultimately, it is your happiness that matters the most.

Work hard, play hard and live healthy. Take care – CollegePandit.

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